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So the thing is… I’m not a big shopper, but in the past week we have been to the Dubai Mall almost every day! First you go to just see the place (btw its amazing and the biggest mall in the world) then you realise you need some stuff for induction week, then you need some things for your apartment and then you discover cupcakes, there’s just always some reason to go to Dubai mall!! If you need ANYthing you can think of, you will find it there!

The supermarkets have a lot of different brands from all over the world! As I am from South Africa, I have seen Ouma Beskuit (rusks), Omo washing powder and even South African fruit!! the choices are endless!

Here are some pictures of our ‘most official’ shopping trip, where I bought a kettle and a toaster and well, a few other things :)

If you come from South Africa, food can be quite expensive for you in Dubai, some things are cheaper though, like bottled water and softdrinks, but there are some things that could cost double than what you are used to, like fruit and toiletries.

The cheapest place to buy things are usually the bigger supermarkets like Carrefour in the mall of Emirates…

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