South African
day in Dubai !!!

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Friday night was a South African night at the Barasti beach bar… It’s INSANE how many South Africans live in Dubai!! walking through the crowds you could hear all the SA accents and there was a few “hello, hoe gaan dit?” as well when you hear someone speaking Afrikaans… the place was packed and even the bar men had SA t-shirts on. It was a great welcoming experience in my first week here in Dubai…

Natalie (Hawaii) and I took the metro train to the Marina and from there took the taxi to Barasti, going on the Metro was a great experience by itself, and it’s also a lot cheaper than taking the taxi the whole way :)

When we got there we saw some of our batch mates as well… they however were not South African, but mexican, lebanese and portugese, either way they celebrated my SA day with me :) :)


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