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So the end is insight! only service training and then we’re off into the big world!! :)

for me service training was quite a new experience as I have never worked in a bar or never did waitressing… but I enjoyed it.

we did a lot of role playing, creating scenarios of where customers might ask difficult requests or questions, even to thinking out of the box to make someone’s journey memorable.

most of the training happened in the simulator where we had to serve our fellow classmates drinks and meals. we did mock-up flights to london and india, where specific service routines had to be done. great learning experience, where we had to do everything according to the book! for drinks for instance, you have to put down a napkin and biscuits as well as a coaster before even thinking about pouring a drink for a customer. the whole service experience is very professional.

another cool thing is, I learned how to make a screwdriver and bloody mary, I know I know, simple right… but for me it was pretty cool as I’m not use to making my own drinks :)

scenario: 1. taking a picture of the honeymoon couple on flight

2. giving toys to children (yes I was a little unaccompanied minor that day)

the aft galley (aka aircraft kitchen)

batch 2011 ready to go!!


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  1. PolApril 25, 2014, 4:45 PM

    I’ve been reading your blog (because I wanna work for Emirates as well, 1st OD did to the FI but unsuccess, and now waiting to attend another OD next month. You did it at the second OD, right?) and it’s really nice!! I like the style a lot and I enjoy that you write so much! There are other blogs were people get tired after 1st week of training and then just post every 2 months, hehe!

    There were a lot of male crew in your batch!! I’m jelous as they took no male from my FI :S I hope they will take more males in the next FI i do!

    Well, congrats for the blog and thanks for writing (even though reading about Emirates makes me more anxious about working there hehe)