first SUPY
flight !!! – Istanbul, Turkey

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So training is finally overrrr and I had my FIRST supy flight !!

The first one was from Dubai to Istanbul on a boeing 777-ER. A 4 hour turn around flight with about 400 economy passengers… can anyone say CRAZY?! So basically nothing happens like the way training prepared you for. we ran around like crazy people trying to keep everyone happy, WITHOUT the coasters and napkins that you simply HAVE to put down on each tray when you serve drinks, yeah riiiight ;)

so as I was saying I never had a chance to sit down and eat something during the flight, but Marcin (another supy) and I atleast got great experience on this one. we did a bit of everything… from towels, to meal carts, bar carts, tea/coffe, clearance and call bells. I also had my first medical case!! yes I know its nothing exciting, but a passenger asked me for panadol because she had a headache… all in all it was a good flight except that the galley was a mistery to me and I had to rely on other crew telling me where to find everything! (oh and I feel that I must just mention that my senior cabin crew member looked like eva mendes!! what?! )

Then of course one of the best experiences in my life was sitting in the cockpit for take-off and landing… its like you’re in a real life video game, awesome!! on landing in Istanbul it was cloudy and rainy but the sun rays shown down beatifully through the clouds and it’s one of the best pictures in my mind I will treasure forever…

on arriving at Istanbul we did our security checks and then I sat down in a business class seat and had the first proper steak since I’ve been in Dubai (!!) with some vegetables and roast potatoes (thanks emirates!). And then we did it all again… passengers boarded at 21:00 and I was back in my bed at two in the morning… first supy DONE!!

Before the flight…

After the flight… with the emirates smile still stuck on my face!



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  1. Marcin KJune 18, 2013, 2:50 AM

    Hi !
    How long after your graduation did you have your first flight ? If possible, please contact via email. Thanks byeee !

  2. SvenAugust 3, 2013, 2:43 PM

    omg~~ gurl~ lol u look like you just got out of war.. but awesome supy flight with nothing problem! :D