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25… (week 3 – cape town!!)

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So I made a quick stop in Joburg to see the parents and pick-up my best friend for the best week of the year in Cape Town, South Africa!!

We left Joburg early in the morning to arrive in Cape Town at around 8am, making the most of the week we had in the BEST place in the world (if I havent mentioned that already, hehe).

We got to the airport in Cape Town, got our car that we hired for the week (a brand new one, lucky us!) and then off we went…

Not sure where to go first, we decided to head to Camps Bay, as it was a sunny day :) We had a delicious breakfast in one of the little restaurants lining up on the street next to the beach and then I did a quick outfit change in the car (hehe) getting ready for the beach!! We sat on the warm soft sand taking in the view (forgetting about the sun annnnnd the sunblock).

Carel came to join us for the day, and we sat there staring at the ocean wondering what to do next, when I mentioned that I’ve never actually been up to table mountain. So it was decided, as table mountain was clear with no clouds in sight. We took the cable car up and walked around staring at the beautiful beeeeeautiful Cape. the weather was perfect up there! We took some pictures and then went for a drink at the restaurant up there.

Later that afternoon we met up with Francois (old high school friend) that were there on a business trip, talk about good timing ;) we went to Long street (famous bar street in cpt) and met up with another old school friend Johan, and some of his friends. It was like a little reunion. I realised with a shock that I’ve known these guys for 11 years now, we’ve grown up together and everyone is in their own profession doing well for themselves. I’m proud of my friendies :) Anyway we had a super great time that night, catching up and sharing our love for red wine!

The next morning (well more afternoon, had a late night) we went up to Langebaan. We stopped at a little town called Darling, had a late lunch and a quick walk through at Evita se peron (a gallery /shop/restaurant owned by a local artist)

We arrived at lovely Langebaan, dragged all our bags from the car to our yacht and just after settling in, Pierre (another high school friend) came to join us. We started off our weekend watching the sunset with a glass of wine… joi de vivre!!

That night we all got together at Pearly’s the local hangout of the town (and the kingdom of the airforce pilots, haha) We had some yummy pizza and more wine off course ;)

It turned out to be quite a night, we ended up on the beach dancing in the rain (that could only be the genius idea of my best friend Nadri).

The next morning we went to Kraalbaai (a beautiful beach in the west coast nature reserve) my favourite place in Langebaan! The wind is not too strong and the water warm enough to swim… a nice day of relaxation!

I walked into an old friend of the family and he took us sailing the next day, fun fun fun!! It was the first time for Nadri to sail and she loved it!!

The rest of the week me and my best friend spend chillin relaxing and eating :)

On our last day we headed back to Cape Town early to make a stop at Durbanville Hills wine farm to do a chocolate and wine pairing tasting… what a good idea!! ;) Nothing beats the beauty of the Cape wineland landscapes… and their wine!

Thank you for sharing this amazing week with me friends, and especially Nadri (on our 19th year of friendship!) love you lots and to many years of friendship to come!!