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I have NEVER seen so many motorcycles in one place!! Vietnamese know how to drive with intuition, if it was me, I’d be in an accident in the first few seconds!! What an incredible experience to see (even if its just a tiny glance) on how they live. We drove about two hours from Ho Chi Minh city to the Mekong delta surrounded by scooters cutting in, across and behind us through traffic, simply crazy if you ask me!! You also get the casual pedestrian crossing the street as if it belonged to him (and if there were no traffic insight) and unbelievably gets to the other side, unharmed, I guess thats the way to do it. The motorcycles are either packed with four to five family members, tv’s, materials or even a whole tuckshop installed on it?!

Our first stop were at a Buddhist temple with the (I guess most famous budha) the big fat smiling one! we walked around, took some pictures with local kids, bought some small sweet bananass and off course everyone had to get the typical vietnamese conical hat (called Non La in Vietnamese).

We enjoyed a cruise along the Mekon river to Unicorn island where we were entertained with traditional music and had some local fruit, yummy!! We also had a look at their bee farms and tasted their special honey tea that a vietnamese lady prepared for us. I bought some of their honey and homemade honey and seeds sweets on the spot! Speaking of, while typing this I’m enjoying those honey sweets, mmmm :)

We then took a paddle-boat to cruise through the narrow canals of the Mekong. This was one of the best traveling moments of my journey so far, I felt like I experienced something true to Vietnam. We were surrounded by coconut trees and if you look closer you could see the little houses mostly build out of whatever materials they could find. To experience this and to see how people can still make a living for themselves living off what nature is giving them (and a bit of tourism) was special. I couldn’t help but to wonder what type of lives they were living as I stared at the man and woman, one in front and one at the back of our paddle-boats, paddling away. I had so many questions for them but unfortunately we could not understand each other.

Luch was served on a deck which seemed to be their ‘best place in town’ but for our three South Africans we couldn’t help to be skeptical about the preparation of the food, but we tried none the less. To be honest I didn’t like it that much, but the others in the group seemed to be enjoying the meal :) Lunch included the famous ‘elephant ear’ fish with some other vietnamese dishes. You were able to make your own combinations to put in a wrap, that you had to wet first and then roll up all the ingredients in it, to dip in a sweet and sour sauce…

After lunch we got back onto the boat and made a quick stop at a souvenier market before taking the 2.5 hour drive back to Ho Chi Minh city. We got back tired and had to take a quick power nap to be up and ready for the flight back.

Thank you Vietnam, it was more than a good morning ;)




  1. annaApril 23, 2013, 7:49 PM

    I have one question when you guys are at layovers like this in “strange” places..
    How do you move around? aren’t you afraid???

    • goflygirlMay 19, 2013, 2:33 PM

      in strange places we mostly travel in groups or take tours operated by trustworthy companies :)

  2. Vy NguyenMarch 20, 2014, 10:59 PM

    :) Great to know that you enjoyed your time in Vietnam. I’m also interested in your blog a lot. My DOJ is 28/3, cannot wait to experience all of the wonderful things that you shared. Keep in touch. Cheers,


    Hochiminh, vietnam