do you
hear bagpipes? – scotland

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I was lucky enough to fly to Glasgow with a fellow South African and beautiful lady, my friend Celeste. Both of us love traveling (well aint that obvious) and photography! so I couldn’t wait!!

When we met in the briefing room I told her about Edinburgh and that I’ve heard it’s worthwhile to cash in on sleeping hours and take the trip down there… so it was decided :)

We got to Glasgow that evening and our mission was to find an awesome bar, have some food and soak up the culture! She talked to a woman on board that recommended a place called Slouch bar, so off we went.

The bar was packed and the music loud, and it reminded us a bit of home, so off course we loved it!! the place is divided into a restaurant and bar so we moved to the other side and had dinner first. I was doing one of my favourite things, people watching, and believe me it was good. The people were so interesting, artistic and expressive in the way they dress, and dont forget about the Scottish accent and sayings! most of the time I have no clue what they’re saying so I stuck to the watching part, haha.             { random thought: scotland must have been the place where I’ve seen the most people with outrageous hair colour. pink, green, purple, orange, it’s all here! }

So the next morning Celeste and I got up early and left for Edinburgh. We walked through the city centre of Glasgow to get to the main train station. Glasgow seemed like a pretty cool city with a lot of interesting shops. We had some hot choc and a breakfast roll while taking some pictures here and there. I even did the pointing and staring while saying ‘look, a guy in a kilt!’  We got to the station, figured out the ticket buying process quite easily and got on the train.

I sat next to this very interesting man, a true artist you could tell. At first we were too shy to talk to him but as soon as a spot opened across from me, Celeste came to sit there and we started a conversation with this man. He turned out to be a t-shirt designer, how cool is that?!

We got to Edinburgh after about an hour, the landscapes were so beautiful along the way and I can only imagine how amazing they would look in the summer with all the fields being green…

Edinburgh turned out to be a little gem. Its got castles, old buildings and monuments. Everything is practically walking distance with little cafe’s and restaurants all over.  We wandered through little alleys between old buildings when Celeste said: ‘do you hear bagpipes?’ and there he was, the man playing his bagpipe! We stopped to admire him and he asked where we were from and since we were from South Africa he decided to play ‘Amazing Grace’ for us, such a sweet man. The little town was quite busy and the weather suprisingly good. There were some interesting people in this town (always good for stealing some shots with the camera), from an old scottish lady sitting on the bench in the sun to a guy with probably the most beautiful long curly red hair we have ever seen (Celeste asked to take a picture of him, so I’ll try and get it from her) he was selling his own jewelry at a market.

We walked our little feet off trying to see everything but time wasnt on our side… we got a fish burger and chips and enjoyed it on our journey back on the train. a lovely day spent in the winter sun of Scotland! <3