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Finally it was time for Paris. It’s probably the one place I’ve always wanted to go to since I was a little girl. And lucky me got it twice on this month’s roster!

So these are my tips if you’re only passing through this beautiful magical city… (thank you to Martin, Constance and Camilla for passing their knowledge on to me)

  1. Start your day of exploring (aka breakfast) from the pyramides metro station
  2. Go to Angelina’s for a sweet desert and buy something at one of the souvenir shops
  3. Buy world famous macaroons at Laduree
  4. Walk through the Tuileries garden towards the,
  5. Louvre museum (get your picture taken at the pyramid and if you’ve got time go and see the mona lisa!)
  6. Get the metro down to Notre Dame cathedral. Take a picture infront of the cathedral, and then get in line to go see the spectaular stained glass windows
  7. Have lunch in the area, maybe at cafe Le Petit Pont
  8. Take the metro to the Eiffel and take as many pictures as you can infront of the Eiffel tower :)
  9. Walk up to the military building to take in the view, also take more pictures
  10. Take the metro to montmarte and walk in the narrow streets behind the church


Click  on the pins on the map to see where Ive been


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Eiffel Tower: 48.858278, 2.294254
Pyramides station: 48.865825, 2.334361
Angelinas: 48.865051, 2.328415
Laduree: 48.870815, 2.303151
Tuileries garden: 48.863492, 2.327494
Le Louvre: 48.860959, 2.335916
Cathedrale Notre Dame: 48.852968, 2.349902
Cafe Le Petit Pont: 48.852738, 2.346730
Ecole Militaire: 48.853195, 2.302666
Montmarte: 48.886629, 2.342928


here is the links to my facebook albums of both trips to Paris



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j’aime paris <3