in Singapore

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We arrived in Singapore just in time for dinner. As I’ve been here before, numerous times, I must admit I didn’t do much planning… Luckily some of the crew were keen to grab dinner and as Singapore is quite famous for its street food amongst crew, we thought we’d take a stroll into the city centre to find a different food market than the usual ones we always head for. I think we found the best one by far! Well the one with the best view for sure, and it was packed with locals, so we were in for a treat! The market is on the waterfront promenade, and all the famous landmarks were lit up beautifully. This city is one clean green machine might I add! Everything is modern, clean and the city is quite green for such a concrete jungle, it feels like a better version of Dubai ;) The place was packed and we had to scan over all the tables constantly until we finally found a spot. Some of us stayed at the table to fight off any potential chair grabbers while the rest went to order their food. 20140207_201700b 20140207_201920b 20140207_201925b 20140207_202141b 20140207_202143b 20140207_215745b As I’m not the biggest Asian food fan, I had a look at all the different food stalls and their pictures, and with my new friends’ recommendation I went for the different meats on sticks with fried rice and a bubble litchi drink. It was tasty and not too different and I’m glad to report my stomach agreed! 20140207_202010b 20140207_205522b 20140207_210156b 20140207_211654b After dinner we had a stroll around the promenade and couldn’t miss the flashing colourful lights and live music (which sounded like a really bad karaoke) a few meters away. We headed that way and saw that it was some kind of festival. 20140207_202439b 20140207_202527b 20140207_202708b 20140207_220512b 20140207_220520b 20140207_220818b   At the entrance I couldn’t resist passing the cotton candy floss… so I just had to buy one. Have you ever experienced heat and humidity on such a level where your candy floss starts dripping off the stick and form sugar again?! Well that was definitely a first!! Across the candy floss stall stood a larger than life statue of the god of fortune who (take note) showers you with good fortune and happiness only on certain times daily…so be sure not to miss it! ;)

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We had a quick walk through, the music was just a bit too much (bad karaoke sounds) and we made our way through the crowd to a little amphitheatre. It seems like we stumbled upon the Chinese festival of arts… there was a group of young kids playing percussion; we were so impressed by their talent! We watched their show, and then stood next to the water taking in the view for one more time before we headed back to the hotel… 20140207_202725b 20140207_220821b 20140207_221313b 20140207_221814b 20140207_221826b 20140207_223108b 20140207_223344b 20140207_223911b 20140207_224703b 20140207_224816b